Build a Safe Place Campaign 2017


Plus $81,230.33 in committed pledges raised (as of 09/11/17)


Children who have been abused require immediate attention with secure treatment. Your generous donation will enable us to provide a facility that has capacity to help every child who needs us.

Your donation will...

help us raise the money we need to construct a larger building that will enable us to provide intervention for every child who was impacted by abuse or neglect, and that will enable us to provide additional treatment services so that long-lasting healing can begin.

Child abuse is an escalating problem in Mat-Su. We should never have to turn a child away because we don’t have enough room.


The Children’s Place is a remarkable effort of government agencies, law enforcement and community volunteers working together to help abused children.

  • allow for multiple children to be interviewed
  • enable us to provide additional services, such as mental health and follow-up
  • add rooms designed for older children and teen victims
  • be on property already owned by The Children’s Place
  • be on land already zoned for our facility
  • break ground in summer 2017
From the ground up, the new Children’s Place will be designed as a safe place for children to talk about what happened one-on-one and get the help they deserve.